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Men's Men's Stainless Steel Black Leather with Ship's Wheel in Red Wood ID Bracelet with Slide Magnetic Clasp. Comes with 1 Self-Adjustable Link. Length: 8.5" - 8".


When it comes to designing jewelry for men, there are a few considerations to design and make a winning piece of men's jewelry.

The first consideration is Materials. Men's Jewelry designs need to use strong, easy to care for materials like stainless steel. Along those lines, we also use other materials like carbon fiber, titanium, and even hardwood like these new piecesin our collection.

The second design aspect that is important is the use of dark and complementing colors. As seen in our Men's Wood Bracelets, the dark, rich colors of the hardwoods we chose, are complemented by IP Black Steel or Matte finish stainless to complete that finish that attracts guys in droves.

The thrid aspect that is key for a top men's jewelry brand is the use of unique textures and that's where wood comes in. Guys love wood textures and in jewelry, it really bring the jewlery piece up a few notches.

Black Leather with Ship's Wheel in Red Wood ID Bracelets

$60.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price
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