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Three Cable Chunky Inlayed Dog Tag Pendant




Men's Stainless Steel Three Cable Chunky Inlayed Dog Tag Pendant with 30 inch chain.


In men's jewelry, there have been some constants found to accentuate designs to have a masculine look and feel. Of course, stainless steel have been the base for these men's accessories but, in many cases, the men's jewelry aesthetic is commonly made to look tough, cool, and contemporary.

To give that heavy duty look and feel, steel cable inlays are one of the trendy materials to add as components to affordable men's jewelry. For most people, steel cable is most familiar in maybe structures like bridges or similar. The twisted steel actually does have a practical application to give amazingly strong support for even the largest structures. Of course, in men's jewelry it is mostly used as a design element but we took it to a whole new level.

There are many men's jewelry brands out in the market and many of them also employ steel cable in their designs but where we differ is the bold use of thick steel cable. See, it has become common place to use 1-2mm steel cable in men's jewelry but we not satisfied with the norm so we made it bold. We used steel cable that was 5mm thick; previously though only to have a industrial application. This strong design choice, really set us apart and our customers and fans noticed. Our customer base loved them!

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More Information
MSRP :$60.00
Length :30"
Width :3mm
Design :Edgy
Material :Stainless Steel

Cable Dog Tag Necklace

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