14kt White gold

2ct Rose cut blue pear diamond accented with GIA certified oval 1/2 ct diamond E color.

2.50ct TW

Blue Diamond permantly color enhanced.

V diamond bands can be purchased separatly.



*All diamonds have been exposed to natural radiation over the millennia before man unearthed them, so all colored diamonds have been "irradiated."

Irradiated diamonds are genuine diamonds that exhibit an intense color change such as blue, pink, green, etc., after being exposed to a strong radiation treatment. Because colored diamonds (called "fancy" colors) are so rare and in high demand, irradiation is a laboratory process used to produce the same type of effects or similar color for a much less expensive price.


  • The color will not fade; it penetrates the entire diamond.
  • Irradiated diamonds are not lab created, they are natural and real diamonds.
  • Although irradiated diamonds have color, they still have the same refractive index, because they are natural.
  • Irradiated diamonds don't become radioactive.
  • Irradiated diamonds may come in blue, green canary yellow, pink, etc.


Great Lakes Blue Diamond Ring

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