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Gold Mine Exclusive Warranty

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. We offer a free warranty against manufacturing defects on your diamond purchase. This warranty does not apply to our collection of estate and vintage jewelry since these pieces are previously owned.

This warranty provides the replacement of any missing diamond up to .10ctw.


To maintain the validity of this warranty , you will be required to bring your jewelry in every 6 months to be fully inspected and cleaned.

Every visit will be recorded in our Client Database to document and maintain the life and journey of your special item.


To maintain the beauty and longevity of our jewelry, your warranty provides:


  • retipping of prongs

  • inspection of channels and setting work

  • tightening of any diamond or “gems” to be found loose

  • refinishing, polishing and cleaning your jewelry.

All fine jewelry can be affected by normal wear, activities, or trauma. This is especially true for rings, since hands are actively used and subject to daily pressure. Our warranty excludes coverage for, trauma, loss of diamonds larger than .10ct, product loss, or theft. Coverage also excludes damage or loss caused by a failure to obtain the repairs required to preserve the integrity of the jewelry.


We offer unlimited free clean and checks to maintain your warranty, always at your convenience and done while you wait.


To keep your lifetime warranty active, please visit for a clean and check approximately every 6 months. You are welcome to bring your warranted jewelry to our store or ship it to our service center at any time for inspection, cleaning, or any other maintenance it may need.


G.M. Service Center

P.O. Box 156

Saint Ignace, MI 49781




  1. Include your Name, address and Phone number.

  2. Package your item, and if you have a copy of the original Sales Receipt, please include it.

  3. Mail your package via United States Postal Service Certified Mail, insured, with "return receipt requested". Insure it for the purchased price.


We will carefully inspect your jewelry and professionally clean it. If we discover any potential problems requiring attention, we will contact you for authorization to complete required maintenance. Since this may require extra time in our shop, we will provide an updated timeline for returning your jewelry back to you, and we will do it free of charge if it is covered by our warranty.


This warranty is non- transferable.

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